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Биологическая активность спирулины

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НИИ вакцин и сывороток им. И.И.Мечникова, Москва

Журн. микробиол., 2001, № 2, С. 114—118

LP.BIinkova, O.B.Gorobets, A.P.Baturo


Mechnikov Research Institute for Vaccines and Sera, Moscow, Russia

In this review information of Spirulina platensis (SP), a blue-green alga (photosynthesizing cyano-bacterium) having diverse biological activity is presented. Due to high content of highly valuable proteins, indispensable amino acids, vitamins, p-car-otene and other pigments, mineral substances, indispensable fatty acids and polysaccharides, PS has been found suitable for use as bioactive additive. SP produces an immunostimulating effect by enhancing the resistance of humans, mammals, chickens and fish to infections, the capacity of influencing hemopoiesis, stimulating the production of antibodies and cytokines. Under the influence of SP macrophages, T and В cells are activated. SP sulfolipids have proved to be effective against HIV. Preparations obtained from SP bio-mass have also been found active against herpes-virus, cytomegalovirus, influenza virus, etc. SP extracts are capable in inhibiting cancerogenesis. SP preparations are regarded as functional products contributing to the preservation of the resident intestinal microflora, especially lactic acid bacilli and bifidobacteria, and to a decrease in the level of Candida albicans. The biological activity of SP with respect to microorganisms holds good promise for using these microalgae as components of culture media.

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